Image by Milan Popovic

A jar full of gratitude

This is a lovely exercise to strengthen the focus and attention on gratitude. Do this over the space of a month and it will help to really bring attention to what you have in the present, to feel positive and grateful for it.


After you have recorded ‘what you are grateful for’ in your daily check in each day, write each item that you have identified that day on a small piece of paper, fold it up and place it in a jar. This is your gratitude jar. Make sure the jar is somewhere that you will see it everyday and watch over the month how the jar starts to get nice and full.


After the month, take all of the gratitude notes out of the jar and make a collage, so you can get a wonderful  reminder of all the positives in and around you. Once that is made, place this in a prominent place for the next month and notice how the following things will happen:


  • You find it easier to identify the positives elements in and around you

  • You get practiced at stating things in the positive

  • You recognise that there is so much more to be grateful for 

  • Your mood is enhanced

  • You feel more optimistic

  • You might even notice physical health benefits, gratitude activities help to reduce blood pressure and strengthen the immune system

  • You may also notice an enhancement in your social relationships, feeling more empathy and increased communication with others

Keep it up

You can complete this activity over and over and enjoy reaping the rewards that being present and feeling grateful can truly bring you.