Positive Affirmation

The brain doesn't recognise negatives. If someone tells you not to think of a green monkey, what is the first thing you do? Think of a green monkey!


In order for the brain to process this command, it must first think of what a green monkey actually is and uses your memory or imagination to do so.

The same happens when you talk about what you want in your life. We often talk about the not having of something and the wanting of it, which reinforces that the thing isn’t here. To make the brain and your physiology focus in the right direction, we have to talk about the things we want in the positive and as if they are already here.

We want to make the brain and physiology focus only in the direction of ‘having of the thing’, so that all subconscious activity is focused on the right path, towards your goal and what you want to achieve.


To write a successful affirmation, it has to be stated in the positive and focused on the having of it, such as: 

  • I am abundant

  • I eat a healthy well balanced diet

  • I enjoy and thrive in my work

  • I have loving and balanced relationships

  • I am fit and well

  • I enjoy feeling energised

  • I embrace my happy and wonderful family life

  • I am confident in my abilities

  • I excel in feeling proud of myself and my achievements


Cactus on Yellow Wall

My emotions are balanced and I'm self aware


I love and approve of myself

Head Stand Pose

I am strong, happy & healthy

Pile of Coins

Wealth, health & happiness flows to me easily

It is useful to start the sentence with I am, I have, I enjoy, I welcome etc. and state in the present tense. Make your affirmations short and snappy, so that you can repeat them easily. 

Once you have created your own positive affirmation it is useful to create a trigger, maybe make this your screen saver, pop it on a post it note on your fridge or in your car.

Give it a go, get your brain focusing in the right direction and let your natural thoughts become influenced and changed by the positive outcomes and good things that you want.

Write your 'Positive Affirmation' in the space below and once you submit it will appear on your 'My Journal' page as a wonderful reminder.

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