My Support

At different times in our lives and when we go through changes no matter how big or small, it can be helpful to have a support network, a listening ear of a friend or family member or an outlet to go to for general support. 


Becoming more self-aware, working through new thoughts, changing old patterns or trying to establish new habits, can make normal daily life feel different, so it's useful to understand where you can reach out to if you need a little helping hand. Equally, you may not feel any different to normal and/or you will feel even better than before and may not need any additional support, but it’s always good to know what is available.


Please give some thought and identify who is in your current general support network. Add the people/groups/activities below:

Once you have submitted your answers, you will automatically be taken to your support plan. If you need to add or change your support plan at anytime, then just revisit this task.