Image by Jon Tyson

Improve time management


Welcome to the ‘improve your time management module’. This module will help you to take greater control of how and where you are spending your time. It will also help you to understand the way that you look at time, how you plan and how you complete activities. In addition it will help to find greater balance and mastery over how you use your time.


Like most areas of our lives our personality and natural traits affect the way we approach things. The way that we view time can determine the different ways that we need to approach how we can improve time management. Hopefully you will have already completed ‘know me task13 - where is your time’, if you haven't this might be a good place to start as it will help you understand exactly where and how you are spreading your time and energy across each day. If you have completed it then the following questionnaire, presents a few questions that will help to make sure that the suggested actions are tailored to your individual style and approach to how you view time, giving you the best chance to find the improvements you are looking for.

Do you like to live in the moment?

Do you dislike planning?

Do you often lose track of time especially when you are busy?

Do you leave things until the last minute?

Do you find it difficult to focus on events that are too far into the future?

Do you find you can relax easily when you have time to do so?

Would you say time management is not one of your stronger points?

Do you get distracted easily?

Do events that are in the future sometimes feel overwhelming?

Can events that are in the future be obscured by what is going on here and now?

Can you easily jump from one website link to another without considering the time you have spent