Man Walking in Fields
Week 1- Lets Get Started

Welcome to the start of your Feel Better programme, where you will find more self-awareness and take some steps to move toward your happiness and positive goals. Over the next week complete all of the tasks below and start to use the activities selected for you and you will quickly discover how you can change, take control over your day to day activities, thoughts and feelings.

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Journal - learn the value in checking in and using your journal

Know your colour energy

Learn about positive affirmations

Know your state 

Positive affirmation - focus your affirmations to achieve your goal

  • I am open to trying something new

  • I welcome new experiences

  • I feel encouraged about the start of a new journey

Change the picture 

Jar full of gratitude

Your Journey - access your journey page to see your results and observe what your have done so far. Take a good look around and learn what is there for you

Walled garden Meditation

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Positive health & wellbeing meditation

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