The Professional Friend app supports your people to reduce stress, increase self-esteem and be in charge of their health and well-being 

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Monitor your wellness

Regular self assessment against  individual stress reactors and emotions

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Increase your mindfulness

Create healthy habits and self awareness by keeping a personal journal

Release worry now meditation

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Less stress and better sleep

Access to a variety of guided relaxing meditations to improve well-being

An app to support all employees working from home and in the workplace, ensuring all staff have instant access to a wide range of interactive tools, tasks and guidance

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The Professional Friend provides outreach methods and techniques to employees to give them 24/7 access to feel supported, a place to go for self-help, soothing and signposting

Professional Friend helps your staff feel connected

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Increase self-awareness

Enlightening and engaging activities to improve your self connection

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Self development

Coaching around forgiveness and goal setting to help personal progress

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Feel and think better

Instant support and techniques to improve feeling and thinking

Staff access to weekly 

live feed mindfulness meditations

Give your teams the opportunity to access live

mindfulness sessions so they can escape for a while

to dream and breathe, helping them to revive and feel refreshed

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Get instant peace

Access a range of natures perfect scenarios to find immediate relief

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Inspired healthy habits

Fun methods to access positive tips to increase overall wellness

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Follow your progress

Visual graphs and reports to encourage personal control over health and progress


Friend enabling


management of 

mental health